Shiridi Sai baba is God and Ture Guru

Shiridi Sai baba is God and Ture Guru

Shiridi Sai baba is God and Ture Guru. As per Spirituality scientific research foundation, the person who is 100 % spiritual level (No ego and thinks of welfare of others) is equal to God. Sai baba has demonstrated these qualities whole life. In addition, he was able to guide/ save people who were far from him. He also gave them Darshan who were very far. Now also he is continuing the same. Moreover has demonstrated in his leelas that he is Lord Dhathatreya incarnation, who is trimurthy avatar. In this context I want just share my experiences of baba and other gods, to prove that how god/ baba is closer to us.
I have some prominent experiences of Baba’s presence and support. I can narrate below some experiences of mine to show Baba’s presence and guidance in our life as savior (protector) and guru:
I faced lot of tensions in my life and my nature being sensitive, the situation became more worse. So, as the days passed, my want for being peaceful also increased. I started attending Isckon classes and started increasing devotion towards lord Narayana and his incarnations. After some days, as in one of baba stories it was said praying supreme gods, takes us to our guru, I found Sai Satcharithra book in my house and I started dedicatedly reading it. I also started seeing Sai baba answers in book.
One day I experienced below miracle:
I was ill (cold, fever) and saw Baba’s answer book in morning and got answer “pray lord Shiva, your illness will decrease”. When I was travelling to office in a bus, I got lot of cough and was in bad situation of getting to vomit. I just remembered baba’s words in his answer and chanted “Om Namah Sivayya” two three times and immediately cough stopped in seconds and coolness came in my throat and this coolness was there for some hours upto afternoon. This is my first experience of baba and lord shiva and felt they are closer to us. 
Another day I experienced Sai baba as a protector from Cobra snake:
I was coming from Sai baba’s temple after afternoon arathi, and I saw vision of Saibaba repeatedly twenty times showing his hands like snake. After few minutes I faced a big cobra snake it crossing the road and which I was about to step on. Suddenly I downed by head and saw the snake and ran back. So baba has saved me in this way. Till before these experiences I used to think god is far to us and we are very bad people so he does not come closer to us. My thinking changed after this.
I have read in net Baba communicates with us through visions and dreams. 
Recently few months back I started chanting Om Sai Ram, felt good devotional feeling and was happy. But later on I got engrossed in my daily problems so much that I lost devotional feeling. One day I realized that due my defects like anger my devotional feeling is lost. So, I started listing my defects which are hurdles for my devotion towards Baba. Then I slept later in night. In the night I got a dream of baba, in which I saw baba, he was asking me “You want to see your past lives then close your eyes”. Then I closed my eyes and I was impatient and opened my eyes immediately in the dream. When I got up and analysed the dream I understood that baba was guiding me to list out one more big defect of mine. That is “increase patience – saburi”. One of my uncle has said me earlier that saint who have taken Samadhi cannot guide as guru and I was little confused. With this dream baba cleared my that doubt also. Every one will agree that he is not normal saint. He is lord dattatreya’s incarnation. So, he is present now also after Samadhi, guiding and protecting every one.
Through below Baba’s and Lord Narayana’s experiences, I understand that god communicates through thoughts also.
One day I was worried that after chanting so many days, I am unable to get rid of my tensions. So, I prayed sai baba to show me some way. Immediately after few seconds, I got prominent thought or inspiration that I have to stop worrying about results of my work i.e. expecting others to praise my work.
Once we went to Tirupathi, we stood in huge queue with our small children for three hours, at the end when we entered main temple complex, suddenly the queue was widened and every one were running and pushing each other, and I was worried what happens to our children in pushing, so I got angry on TTD for mismanagement. Whan I had darshan of lord balaji later that day, I felt that lord was giving thought that “he is innocent, he don’t have any connection with this mismanagement”. 
After scattering in the spiritual practices, diverting to different aspects like chakra, by baba’s grace i was able to get some good institutes and arrived to below spiritual practice:
This practice does not involve sacrifice of any personal responsibilities in this busy days. Just involves determination to carry out spiritual practice and efficient utilization of free or working time.

• Chanting Sai baba mantra (Om Sai Ram) while working
• Hearing devotional Sai songs with involvement
Reading Baba stories
• Doing prayer to Baba (as many times as possible) while travelling to office or home whenever when mind and heart can concentrate
• Opening a holy book by chanting baba mantra and reading that para as God’s message for day. Can be done at different intervals in a day (Ex. while leaving to lunch or dinner).
• When you get some negative thought or behavior like anger just request Sai baba or god to take it. You can see miracle, the negative feeling disappears immediately
• When other persons trouble you due to their defects just remember that the soul within them is pure only outside mind, intellect, ego are impure, that is reason they are troubling or just try to chant baba’s name.

• Try, not to think or discuss about other persons defects.
Note: As per SSRF institute, when we are doing any spiritual practice, the negative thoughts from past lives surface. So they recommend some remedies. one is salt water treatment which can be done below way easily;
Remedy: Immerse your feet (apart) in a bucket with three fourth water (having 2-3 spoons rock salt), just pray baba to remove any negative energy or black energy within you then for five times and stay like that for 15 minutes and then throw water in toilet and wash bucket. preferable to do before going to sleep daily once.
Following below prayer:
Dear Baba,
• Please bless all livings to be happy, peaceful, blissful (welfare of others)
• This life, soul, body and properties are yours. (increase surrender)
• I am small dot before you (reduce ego)
• I am servant of servant of servant of you (reduce ego)
• Thankyou for giving this life and bringing me closer to you (gratitude)
• Everything is done by you. I am just your follower (reduce ego)
• Whatever good work done by me, please take results of it (to reduce want on results)
• You are my guru and god (increase closeness to god)
• Your love and kindness are immense and supreme (Increase devotion)
• Let me surrender at your lotus feet, be happy, with peace and patience (increase surrender)
Few months I got below two ideas by inspiration of Sai baba:
• To keep a Sai baba website, including all religions – we have started below website recently to share about Sai baba and other information that will be prepared by us as part of below spiritual project:

• Preparation of text books for god science (including major religions) for children – (idea is if they are inclined towards to Baba or God, sinful tendency decreases and it is beneficial to society as crime rate decreases. As this project aligns with Sai baba’s teaching, I have kept it as one my life’s goal.
The text books for children shall contain:
• Secular prayers
• Chanting mantras for different religions
• Stories from different holy books along with inferences
• Spiritual basics with reference form holy books of different religions
• Stories for children to analyse their personality defects
As being Sai devotees, If you are interested to help us and support/guide for our spiritual project, please contact us:

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