Shirdi sai baba sings about Rama and Shiva in Masjid (Muslims Place of Worship) and about Allah in Hindu Temple

We all know sai baba from Shirdi, some believes he is a god, some believes he is a Fakir, some believes, he is a Human with Humanity which is not present in Humans Now a day, But the question is who is sai baba is he a god, helper, normal human with super-powers. In this … Read more

Great Teachings and Practises of Lord Sai Baba

Godly : Sai Baba never claimed to be God ;but his goodness and goodwill reflect Godliness present in all . He always uttered-Sabka Malik Ek (God is one ).[1] Guardian: Sai means guardian and Baba means elder-thus Sai Baba means elderly guardian. Any wonder, people from all walks of life visited him as he was … Read more

Shiridi Sai baba is God and Ture Guru

Shiridi Sai baba is God and Ture Guru. As per Spirituality scientific research foundation, the person who is 100 % spiritual level (No ego and thinks of welfare of others) is equal to God. Sai baba has demonstrated these qualities whole life. In addition, he was able to guide/ save people who were far from … Read more

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